DateEvent NameLocationAttendees
9/30/201110/4/2011 Direct Marketing Association Conference and Exhibition 2011 BCEC10000
10/3/201110/3/2011 The Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour Hynes600
10/8/201110/9/2011 New England Christian Conference Hynes2800
10/12/201110/14/2011 American Academy of Optometry – Academy 2011 Hynes4000
10/15/201110/17/2011 American Academy of Pediatrics National Education Conference and Exhibition 2011 BCEC12000
10/17/201110/19/2011 The Home Base Travel Agent Forum Hynes750
10/20/201110/22/2011 Infectious Disease Society of America Annual Meeting 2011 BCEC5000
10/20/201110/21/2011 LSVT Global Hynes100
10/20/201110/20/2011 People United for Christ Bible Teaching Seminar Hynes800
10/21/201110/21/2011 ?Unsung Heroes? Hynes450
10/22/201110/25/2011 10th Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research BCEC1000
10/24/201110/24/2011 MassChallenge Final Ceremony BCEC500
10/25/201110/25/2011 National Center on Time & Learning Meeting Hynes275
10/25/201110/25/2011 Funny Women…Serious Business Hynes1200
10/25/201110/25/2011 Kevin P. Martin and Associates BCEC125
10/25/201110/25/2011 CHAPA Annual Dinner BCEC1350
10/26/201110/26/2011 Agent Reboot Hynes400
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