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Boston 2004 Media Party Parking Instructions


In the event that you plan on traveling to the BCEC by private motor vehicle on July 24, 2004 to attend the Boston 2004 Media Party, (Boston 2004 is the Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention (DNC)), please refer to the map below entitled, "Boston 2004 Media Party Parking Plan" There is no private motor vehicle parking provided on site at the BCEC, but there is significant parking in the immediate area, as detailed in the map below. Although each parking lot identified on the map is within a 5 minute walk to the BCEC, there will be shuttle buses available (see orange triangles, which detail shuttle bus drop off/pick up locations) to bring event attendees to and from the BCEC, on an ongoing, continuous basis beginning at 6:45 p.m. and throughout the evening. After clicking the image below, Adobe Acrobat will open a PDF file which can be printed and brought with you for reference as you travel to the area. We hope that you enjoy the event.




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